La Salle And Company

In 1718, the year before the French Revolution, french became the first in line to introduce creating, the people of La Salle saw a rise in the demand for their new paper money, and this generated the store of the primary printing press in town, le Sarthe-Richelieu. The machines who worked at votre Sarthe-Richelieu included Jean Nicod, son of the duke of Orleans. An additional printer from your town, Mauro Belmonte, also obtained involved with the modern technology and soon merged with Nicod, daughter of the past duke of Orleans. A fresh printing shop, the submitting establishment of Robert Campin began to flourish and in 1720, Campin began to produce a regular paper, the Saturn, which was extremely successful.

If the king of France offered his little girl Antoinette the chance to marry the duke of Orleans, Campin became one of the most wanted gentleman, since he was a key player in the People from france Revolution. To create matters worse, his rival, the archduke of Burgundy, did start to like him, and soon he was out of a work. He retired to a pension check and then occupied poverty, do not ever receiving anything from the sale of his papers. The only person who helped him was the archduke, who assemble for him to be sheltered and treated well by Princesses of Burgundy. If the revolution came to an end, the princesses were no more in favor of the idea of installing a French king seeing that the new Dauphine, thus closing the history from the La Assemblée specialised financial sector and Company.

During the next century, another printer, Pereyrol, signed up with the family unit provider, but this time he printed an alternate type of paper documents, the Scorpion. The magazine had a dark-colored, silver or perhaps golden coloration and it absolutely was designed in the same way while the Saturn, but the typeface used was now Helvetica. Although Pereyrol did not live to see the business flourish, this individual left a long-lasting impression over the people of his small town, as well as on his descendants. People from his village still work in the printing market, producing fine quality paper and ink.